28 Feb, 2020

Released the iOS app!

By Ruben

2019 has been a fun year, but Bowvie Weather never got the iOS app it needed last year. I am glad to announce today is the day!

A bit over a year ago the Android app got released. The iOS version that is being released today will also find it's way to Google Play soon as version 2.0. The app has been completely rebuild in Flutter! It's has been a fun ride and the more I worked with it, the more I began to love it. Flutter is a delight to work with. The last hurdle to overcome is migrating all current Android users to the Flutter app, which is almost complete.

Are you curious for either version? You can find them here: https://weather.bowvie.app/download

Thank you for your time.

If you got any feedback on the app you can always reach out to me in through the in app feedback button!